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DarkRP Rules

Post by chaoskiller3001 on Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:50 am

User Rules;

-Do not commit RDM (Random Death Match).
-Do not break the 5 minute NLR (New Life Rule) time.
-Do not kill in spawn (that means Raiding, Hits, ETC.).
-Do not Base in spawn.
-Respect all players, no matter what rank they are.
-Do not Metagame (Your character may not use information beyond their knowledge. This includes but is not limited any form of revenge killing, warrant, wanting, or demoting).
-you are allowed up to 5 Fading doors in a base and all keypads to said fading doors must be set to 5 seconds or more.
-In game currency may not be sold or traded for real life items, currency or credits
-Attempting to avoid punishment from staff by disconnecting or ANY other way will result in a permanent BAN.
-attempting to harm the server/community(prop spam, Mass RDM, DDOS, ETC.) WILL result in a perma ban, new players will recieve a slightly lighter punishment depending on the situation.
-One way props"Mirrors" are allowed, but do not abuse them

-Do not raid without doing /advert.
-you are not allowed to base with non thief classes, such as Drug dealers, Hitmen, ETC.
-Maximum Mug amount is $5,000 (Master Thief can go up to $10,000
-You may take hostages, but only for up to 15 minutes, after that time is up, you can either kill the hostage or release them.
-Maximum kidnap ransom is $500,000.


-you can accept hits on anyone EXCEPT other Staff on Duty, hitmen, and citizens.

Law Enforcement;
-Do not attempt an RDA (Random Arrest)
-Do not spam the stun stick.
-You are not allowed to own drugs or printers.
-You must enforce the laws that the Mayor has set.
-Police and SWAT May NOT Build Bases. FBI may build their own.
-You may not warrant someone without proof.
-Government officials cannot place HITS.
-You cannot become a corrupt cop.
-You may not randomly taze or pepper spray someone.
-You may never have printers even if they are legal


-Non-Violence Job
-You are allowed to be killed if throwing boots at a player, but the player must ADVERT a warning first.
-You may not own printers.
-You may sing for money, but you may not play songs through your mic like a DJ.
-You may build a SMALL base on the sidewalk.

-You can raid as a medic but you can't kill, you can only heal your fellow raiders.
-You are allowed to base.
-You can be hired by CP.

-Mayor can only use small arms.
-Mayors cannot have illegal items.
-Mayor must base in the PD, but can venture out of the PD.
-No random lock downs of any sort, please give a reason over "/broadcast"
-Mayors can only work with other police forces and his assistant.
-Mayors can never have printers even if they are legal


-you may abuse your powers ONLY in the staff room or skybox, but DO NOT abuse them on other players in any way shape or form.
-Respect your superior/higher ranking staff.
-you may only take staff calls if you are Staff on Duty, or no other staff are on/Busy.
-Familiarize yourself with the RP and Staff rules.
-Do not be "trigger happy", Doing so will result in an immediate Demotion and/or potential ban.
-Do not ask for promotions, if you feel like you should be promoted, post an application in the "Promotion Applications" section of the forums.
-Disobeying ANY of these rules will result in an immediate Demotion and/or potential ban.

*Custom jobs WILL follow the rules their jobs follow
*breaking ANY of these rules will result in varied consequence!

And remember, the number one rule.... HAVE FUN!


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